M6toll Launches New Service for TAG Customers

Customers will now receive a text message to alert them of problems with their Tag account.

Tom Fanning, managing director of MEL, said: "We're now sending customers a text message asking them to call us when we can't top up their account. It could be because their credit card has expired and they've forgotten to tell us the new details.

"If a customer receives a text they need to call the number on the text as soon as possible to avoid delays at the toll booths."

The message is from Midland Expressway Limited and says 'Urgent message from M6toll. We are unable to top up your Tag account, and you may be stopped at the toll booth. Please call 0870 850 6262'.

The Tag is an electronic device which is fitted to a vehicle's windscreen and allows drivers to pass through a toll station without stopping to pay by cash or card. Tag accounts can be opened for a monthly lease fee of only 50 pence per Tag and they receive a 5% discount on every journey.

The M6toll has dedicated Tag Lanes and Tag account holders can access their account details online 24 hours a day.