Lucky Fradley Driver For Free M6toll Travel for 12 Months!

Mr Cox said: "I've used the M6toll since it opened as it cuts so much time off my journey to and from the salon. I'm really pleased I was the 30 millionth customer and look forward to using my Tag."

Tom Fanning, chief executive of M6toll operators, Midland Expressway Limited, said: "Mr Cox will have unlimited free use of the M6toll for 12 months.

"There are many benefits of using a Tag including a 5% discount on every journey, barriers rise automatically and online account management.

"I hope Mr Cox sees the advantages of using a Tag over the next 12 months."

The Tag is an electronic device which is fitted to a vehicle's windscreen and allows drivers to pass through a toll station without stopping to pay by cash or card. Tag accounts can be opened for a monthly lease fee of only 50 pence per Tag and they receive a 5% discount on every journey.

The M6toll has dedicated Tag Lanes and Tag account holders can access their account details online 24 hours a day.