M6toll Goes the Extra Mile

The best place to breakdown?

The M6toll.

M6toll staff have been praised by a customer for the help given when she broke down on a dark winter's night.

The customer's exhaust had snapped as she was driving along the toll road. Following a call to her vehicle recovery service she was towed to a toll station by a local garage to await further assistance.

She was observed on CCTV cameras which are positioned along the 27 mile route. After waiting for a further 2 hours for her vehicle recovery company to arrive members of the M6toll's Incident Support Unit affected a temporary repair to enable the customer to complete her journey.

Tom Fanning, chief executive of M6toll operators, Midland Expressway Limited, said: "I'm proud of the work our staff do, however it's really nice when customers take the time and effort to write and thank us personally".

The M6toll recognises that the hard shoulder is a dangerous place. We urge drivers who've broken down to leave their vehicle and move as far away from the traffic as possible behind the safety barrier if there is one.

The M6toll Incident Support Units carry roadside welfare facilities such as hot drinks in the winter and cold drinks in the summer, foil blankets, waterproof ponchos and also hand out survival cards with information as to what to do whilst waiting for assistance.