M6toll Announces changes to Toll prices

The main changes will be as follows:
- At main Toll Plazas for Class 2 (e.g. cars) the day rate will be £4.00
- At main Toll Plazas for Classes 4 and 5 (e.g, vans and HGVs) the day rate will be £8.00, still at a significant discount to the standard rate of £11.00.
- Class 2 traffic exiting via all local small toll stations will continue to benefit from a £1.00 discount compared to the new toll rates at main plazas.
- Current price levels are being maintained for Class 1 (e.g motorcycles) and for Class 3 (cars with trailers).

Existing Tag customers, or anyone who signs up to a Tag account will continue to receive a 5% discount.

This is the second increase in standard rates since the M6toll opened in December 2003.

For full listing of new toll prices please click New Toll Prices