M6toll announces new weekday toll schedule

Adjustments are as follows:
  • At main Toll Plazas for Class1 (motorcycles) and Class 2 (cars) the weekday rate will increase by 20p.
  • Class 1 and Class 2 traffic exiting via all local small toll stations will be £1.70 and £3.70 respectively continuing the £1.00 discount
  • At all toll plazas for Class 3, 4 and 5 (cars with trailers, vans and HGV's) the weekday rate will increase by 40p
Tom Fanning, Chief Executive of MEL, said: "We have not made the decision to raise tolls lightly.  The changes are restricted entirely to our weekday rates and are in line with inflation. Both the night rate and weekend rates remain unchanged across all toll plazas.
"The M6 Toll, Britain's first privately-funded motorway was completed at a cost of £900 million pounds in 2003 and remains the most reliable route through the West Midlands. We continue to invest in delivering a good driving experience for the time saving journey on which our customers rely.
"During the past year we funded and completed the improvements to the M42 diverge which has alleviated congestion and seen a rapid improvement in accessing the M42.  We plan to continue improving our customer service from the revenue raised all round."  said Mr Fanning. 
The M6 Toll is recognised as a world class motorway and is constantly seeking to improve its service and communication to customers.
The M6 Toll's dedicated tag lanes at mainline Plazas ensure that customers can make their journey even more efficient. Open a tag account and then customers can cruise through the lanes without stopping.
Tag accounts can be opened for a monthly lease fee of only £1.00 per Tag.  Tag account holders then benefit from a discount of 5% on every trip they make, e.g. Class 2 mainline rate of £4.70 discounted by 5% to (24p per trip to £4.46). Class 4 and 5 mainline rate £9.40 discounted by 5% to (47p per trip to £8.93).
Click HERE to see a table summarising the toll rates (inclusive of VAT) that will apply from 1 January 2009.