Keyfuels Fuel Cards Accepted as Means of Payment on M6toll

From April 2nd, Keyfuels card holders will receive a monthly invoice for their fleet's M6toll charges alongside their fuel transactions. Designed to make the expense process more cost- and time-effective for businesses, the combined invoice will appear in a clear and straight forward VAT format.

Jakes De Kock, Marketing Director at The Fuelcard Company, said:

"Using toll roads can be an administrative nightmare for accounts departments, who are currently faced with dozens of receipts to process from several vehicles each month. At a time when businesses are trying to keep a close eye on their finances, this partnership will alleviate the need for individual toll receipts. The M6toll is one of the most heavily used routes by fleets and this innovation will make the driving experience more convenient for both drivers and accounts teams."

The 27 mile long M6toll is used by approximately 45,000 vehicles Monday to Friday and is the main artery linking the North and South of the UK.

"Having a cash-free payment system will also cut down on drivers' travelling time as it will no longer be necessary to search for the correct cash payment at the toll booth - drivers simply swipe their fuel card instead."

Tom Fanning, chief executive of Midland Expressway Limited, said:

"We are delighted to be working with Keyfuels to bring about this enhancement of service to our mutual customers. We are making it easier for customers to pay and this innovation will certainly enhance the service for those customers who choose to use the M6toll"

For further information, contact Chloe Ingham or Emma Campbell Acceleris Marketing Communications on 0845 4567251 or