Bosses Back Bike4Life

The two friends will join up to 1000 fellow motorcycle enthusiasts for 'Bike 4 Life', a 150 mile massed ride out across the Midlands, which kicks off at 10.00 am from the National Motorcycle Museum, located on the junction 6 island of the M42 near to the NEC and Birmingham Airport.

Also joining the ride-out are three motorcycle paramedics from West Midlands Ambulance Service who are the stars of a  new Channel Five documentary, 'Emergency Bikers' which is due to be screened weekly from 20 July at 8.00pm

Mark Hayes, Steve Harris and Barry Rudge (50) who serve with West Midlands Ambulance Association were fitted with body cams and mounted motorcycle cameras and filmed earlier this year responding to 999 calls in Birmingham.

"The Midlands Air Ambulance and these bike paramedics are real heroes," says Tom Fanning. "We all think we have important jobs to do but these guys deal with real human emergencies and saving lives on a daily basis so it will be a real honour to ride with them."

Tom Fanning, has been a bike fan since the 60's and currently rides a number of bikes including a Honda Shadow, whilst Simon Turl owns a 1800cc Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Ultra and has been riding for 32 years.

" We are both big bike fans so the opportunity to ride 150 mile of the best road network in the region, in the company of so many other bike fans, and all for a good cause, was too good to miss. I urge any bikers out there to join us on 25th July."

Organised jointly by Midlands Air Ambulance and key sponsor Premium Choice, Midlands Specialist Bike Insurer, 'Bike4Life' is free to enter but riders will be asked to make a voluntary donation to the Air Ambulance charity, which has set a target of raising £15,000 from the event.

Any one wishing to join  'Bike 4 Life' on 25 July can pre-register at,  via the Bike 4 Life facebook page, contact Midlands Air Ambulance event organiser Stef Langford-Brown on 0800 840 2040 or email

Press Contacts: For more information please contact Lucie Sissons on 01943 468778 or email