M6toll Announces New Toll Schedule

The summary of the new schedule is as follows:

  • Increase of 30 pence across all mainline and small junctions for Class 1 and Class 2 vehicles
  • Increase of 60 pence across all mainline and small junctions for Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 vehicles
  • Increases apply to all rates during weekdays, nights and weekends
  • Tag discount of 5% on each transaction

Tag account holders enjoy the benefit of a 5% discount on each trip. The M6toll's dedicated tag lanes at all Plazas ensure that customers can make their journey even more efficient. By opening a tag account customers can cruise through the lanes without stopping. Tag accounts can be opened for a monthly lease fee of only £1.00 per Tag.

Tom Fanning, CEO of Midland Expressway Limited, said "The M6toll continues to provide the strategic route through the Midlands, offering an excellent driver experience and the reliability that our customers require and demand.

Following the recent 2.5% VAT increase, we are making a necessary adjustment to our toll rates. The toll increase of 3.5% is in line with inflation.  The M6toll continues to offer real value for money for the certainty and reliability which we deliver."

We continue to offer all customers a 5% discount per trip through the use of an electronic tag. With this, a £5.30 trip would cost only £5.04."

Click HERE to see a table summarising the toll rates (inclusive of VAT) that will apply from 1st March 2011.