Stress free journeys for school minibuses!

Twenty One local schools stand to benefit from free passage on the M6toll by way of participating in Midland Expressway Limited's (MEL) Schools Foundation minibus scheme.

Staff members from The Friary School, Lichfield and Wilnecote High School, Tamworth attended MEL's Head Office in Weeford to be presented with their M6toll Tags.

All Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Colleges and Sixth Form Academies in Staffordshire and Stoke, who own and maintain their own mini-bus, were encouraged to apply for free use of the M6toll for one school year (September 2013 - July 2014) by way of an M6toll Tag.

Tags are the M6toll's electronic pre-payment system. They're the easiest, most efficient way to pay, allowing you to pass through a dedicated tag lane, usually without the need to stop. A tag is a small self-contained electronic device which fixes to your windscreen.

MEL launched its Schools Foundation earlier this year; comprising various schemes aimed to support Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent schools and their students. These schemes comprise the minibus Free Passage scheme, student scholarship and primary schools scheme.

Tom Fanning, Chief Executive of MEL said: "Our Business is located within the county and we wish to play our part in nurturing and creating opportunity for our young people to develop their talents and for them in turn to give back to the region once they have completed their education".

Full details regarding MEL's Schools Foundation can be found on the M6toll website
Tags for Schools


IMAGE (pictured from left to right) Amanda Wood; The Friary School, Karen Dubberley; The Friary School, Colin Mabey; Midland Expressway, Tom Deadman; Wilnecote High School, Emma Jordan; Wilnecote High School