Important information effecting Mobility Exemption Passes

The Government's plans to replace the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for all recipients aged 16 to 64 with the new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP), from 8th April 2013, may affect your eligibility to entitlement of the M6toll Mobility Exemption Pass (MEP)

What these changes mean to you:

New Applications
From the 8th April 2013 individuals between the ages of 16 and 64 will no longer be able to claim DLA. Individuals who currently receive DLA will be invited by the Department for Work & Pension (DWP) to claim PIP from 2015 (or sooner should the individual report a change in circumstances, reach the end of an existing award or upon the approach to the age of 16).
All new applications will be assessed under the new PIP rules.

When applying for the M6toll MEP from the 8th April*,we will require evidence of your eligibility to claim free road tax at that point, based upon either:- 

1) if you are already in receipt of DLA; your eligibility to claim the higher rate mobility component of DLA**, or;

2) if you are new PIP applicant; your eligibility to claim the enhanced rate mobility component under the PIP benefit rules.

*£15 administration fee applicable
** upon renewal of your MEP, the T&Cs as detailed under the 'Existing MEP Holder' will apply

Existing MEP Holders 

M6toll MEPs remain valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue. If you are currently in receipt of an MEP, we will continue to honour all existing valid MEPs until their renewal date.

Upon renewal of your MEP*, or if you change your vehicle within the 3 year period, we will require evidence of your eligibility to claim free road tax at that point.

Currently this is a Certificate of Entitlement or Motability Operations Hire Agreement. With the introduction of PIPs, this will not change and you will still receive a Certificate of Entitlement and the Motability Operations Hire Agreement.

If at the time of renewal, you are no longer in receipt of a valid Certificate of Entitlement to claim free vehicle tax your M6toll MEP will not be renewed and you will be unable to continue to claim free passage on the M6toll.
*£15 administration fee applicable

For more information about the Government changes to Disability Living Allowance you can visit the following websites:

If you have any queries regarding these changes and how they affect your M6toll MEP, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0870 850 6262