RHA members get exclusive deal to use M6toll during July free of charge

CUSTOMER INFORMATION: The Road Haulage Association (RHA) trial comes as a result of lengthy discussions with the RHA with the aim of raising awareness amongst hauliers of the reliability and efficiency benefits of using the M6toll. We are also seeking to gain a better understanding of their members' business needs. We will share the results with the RHA and engage further with those members taking up the trial as to the benefits of volume deal arrangements.   The trial is our way of introducing new business from the RHA members who are currently not registered with us as having an account to use the road and is an exclusive trial, only available to those RHA members who do pre-register their interest with us.  The free trial is scheduled to run throughout the month of July and we have made arrangements to provide the necessary resources to deal with the expected increase in traffic during this time.  The trial itself is being operated by way of an M6toll pass card which will be distributed to all participating members.  Participating RHA members will be directed to use this pass card in specific card lanes utilising our credit/debit card readers, thus minimising transaction times. Sufficient card enabled lanes will be provided to ensure that our regular customers are not inconvenienced and Tag customers will still be able to benefit from the dedicated green lanes for light vehicles and the wide load lanes for HGVs.

This month-long trial will allow members to have the benefit of the toll road without cost to see if it suits their business. The M6toll is well-known as a route for traffic travelling through the Midlands and the number of junctions mean it is well suited to trucks making collections or deliveries to adjacent sites.

In addition, the service area on the route is also useful as stopping point; the truck parking area normally has plenty of space and is quiet at night.

Midland Expressway is making the offer available to all RHA members who are not currently account holders. It will run from Monday, 1 July for 31 days and will end at Midnight on 31 July. A special M6 Toll card pass will be issued, which drivers will show to toll assistants to gain free access to the road. It is anticipated that members in the trial will switch 100% of their usage from the M6 to the M6 Toll for the duration of the trial.

"This offer comes as a result of lengthy discussions between ourselves and Midlands Expressway as to how the road could be made more attractive to RHA members as a viable option", said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. "We are confident that the savings to be had in terms of reduced congestion and pollution will be considerable. It's a great opportunity for members in the Midlands and further afield and we urge as many as possible to sign up to the free trial".

RHA members who wish to participate will deal directly with Midland Expressway. They should forward the details listed below to tollingadmin@m6toll.co.uk

• Company name
• Depot location
• Contact name, telephone and email address for the person responsible for receiving transaction reports and monitoring usage
• Contact name, telephone and email address for the person responsible for distributing the passes, if different from above
• Total number of vehicles taking part (one pass per vehicle is required)
• Registration details of the vehicles

The closing date for this offer is May 17th. Passes and a guide to the road will then be issued to participating companies during June.


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Roadchef, Norton Canes M6toll between toll Junctions T6 and T7 (servicing both sides of the motorway)

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RHA M6toll offer - No Pass, No Free Passage


That's the message from the operators of the M6 Toll Road, Midlands Expressway Limited.
Pete Cleaver, Midland Expressway Director of Tolling Operations said: "All RHA members who registered for this offer before the closing date of 17th May have now been issued with their passes. Any members who attempt to use the M6Toll without the official free pass will be required to pay the appropriate toll charge at the time of travel. It's simple; no pass -no free passage.

"Despite stressing the fact that only members of the Road Haulage Association are eligible for this free trial, this key fact has become somewhat diluted; there have been reports that ALL trucks can travel free during July. This is most certainly not the case and, with only a couple of weeks to go until the offer starts, it is vitally important that this message is heeded".

Road Haulage Association - phone us first
For more details, contact RHA Head of Media Relations, Kate Gibbs on . . .
Tel: +44 (0) 1932 838917
Mob: +44 (0) 7979 531451