The M6toll has rewarded its 170 millionth customer with free travel on the motorway for the next 12 months.

Lara Valdebouze of Cannock, was presented with an M6toll Tag by Midland Expressway Limited’s Director of Motorway Operations at their Head Office in Lichfield.

As the lucky winner, Miss Valdebouze’s car has been fitted with an M6toll Tag, which will enable her to travel on the road free of charge. The tag is a small electronic device which is fitted to a driver’s windscreen and allows users to pre-pay for passage on the M6toll and pass through a dedicated lane usually without the need to stop. Tags cost a monthly lease fee of £1 per Tag and provide a five per cent discount per trip.

Miss Valdebouze said: "I commute from my home in Cannock to my workplace in Polesworth and use the M6toll daily, so unlimited free travel for a year will be very welcome. I always prefer to use the M6toll as it the most reliable route. “

“It was such a wonderful surprise when I was approached by a member of M6toll’s tolling staff at the Weeford Junction plaza to be informed that I was the 170 millionth customer.  I am a French teacher at The Polesworth School so it is imperative that I am on time for my students.  Using the M6toll avoids the current local roadworks and ensures that I’m on time for my classes.”

Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL), operators of the M6toll intend to reward every subsequent 10 millionth customer using the M6toll with a year’s free passage as part of their future Giveaway Day activities.

Since it opened in 2013, traffic on the M6toll has increased from 34,000 customers a day to currently over 50,000.

James Hodson, Director of Motorway Operations added: “170 million customers is a huge milestone for us, so we wanted to mark the occasion by awarding Miss Valdebouze free passage, which entitles her to unlimited journeys on the M6toll by way of an M6toll Tag. 

“I’m delighted to hear that she has already experienced the benefits of travelling on the M6toll and hopefully the additional benefits of the Tag will only enhance her future journeys.”

M6toll Quick Start Tags are available to use straight away and are pre-loaded with £25 worth of credit for use on the M6toll.  The tags cost £25 and are available from local Motorway Service Areas or online at


Miss Valdebouze of Cannock being presented by James Hodson (Director of Motorway Operations) with her Tag providing her with free passage to the M6toll for a year