Allstar Fuel Card now accepted at M6toll booths

Allstar, the UK’s most widely used fuel card, has made it possible for card holders to pay for M6toll charges using the full range of Allstar cards, including Supermarket Card and the Allstar Premier Programme’s Allstar Classic and Allstar Discount Diesel card. 

“This will help streamline administration for fleet managers,” said Brian Flood, Vice President of products for Allstar.  “Having M6toll payments handled by Allstar rather than being pay and reclaim items will cut out the paperwork and improve accuracy of reporting.  An entire fleet’s M6toll transactions will appear on a single invoice and management report to provide a consolidated picture of driver spending.  This will make life a lot easier for managers who can often spend hours processing, approving and paying expense claims,” explained Brian Flood.

Drivers arriving at the M6toll booths simply insert their Allstar card, take a receipt and drive on.  There is no need for the driver to complete an expense claim as billing is made directly on a single invoice to the company with all other Allstar transactions.

“This is the latest in a suite of new services we are offering that are beyond fuel,” said Brian Flood.  “We are making life easier for people who travel for business to use their Allstar card to pay for many of the things they need when on the move for work.  This provides great convenience for mobile workforces plus greater control and simplification for managers who receive a single VAT invoice and data report for travel related transactions,” he added.

Tom Fanning, Chief Executive of Midland Expressway Limited, said: "We are delighted to be working with Allstar to bring about this enhancement of service to our mutual customers. We are making it easier for customers to pay and this innovation will certainly enhance the service for those customers who choose to use the M6toll."