Local mentoring project receives helping hand from M6toll

Staff from Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL) visited XLM Tamworth at Coton Green Church, Tamworth after donating £500 towards their mentoring project for local youngsters.

XLM Tamworth is a community mentoring project which pairs trained volunteer mentors with youngsters who need help realising their potential. This is a joint project run by Coton Green Church with the support of other Tamworth churches and the active involvement of members of their congregations. The project was piloted between May-December 2013 and due to the positive results was officially launched in January 2014 working with a total of 53 youngsters in the first year.  XLM Tamworth are now looking at extending the project in Coleshill and Warwickshire.

The volunteer mentors commit for a minimum of 12 months to build and sustain a relationship with the young person and their family and provide a consistent and inspirational role model. Mentors meet with their young person for 1-2 hours per week for a minimum of thirty 1-to-1 sessions either in school, in the mentee’s home or in a neutral  venue.

Denise Hawkins, MEL’s Social Committee Member said : “I think sometimes teenagers need a little extra encouragement from a neutral party. When things start to go wrong, they can sometimes give up, lose their self belief/esteem. Someone on the outside who's only goal is to help them achieve their best can make a world of difference. I also believe that this can influence other individuals to do well.”  

Gary Coleman, XLM Tamworth Coordinator, added “XLM Tamworth is very grateful for the funding given to us from the M6toll Social Committee. These funds will allow us to expand the project and provide more equipment for the afterschool/homework clubs that we provide for our young people. These sessions help give them support with their education and provides a safe environment where they can play games, sport, make craft and participate in baking activities. The afterschool/homework clubs support our overall goals of helping to provide them with a positive future and help them to Restore their Lives, Restore their Relationships and Restore the Community in which they live and work.” 

This donation forms part of a wider initiative to support local schools and community projects.

MEL's Social Committee will be working closely with members of staff to choose those community projects close to their hearts which will benefit from a donation from the remaining £20,000 Drive for Charity fund.

MEL's Social Committee is always on the lookout for local charities and community projects to support. To register your charity or community project with MEL for consideration to receive fundraising or practical (volunteering) support now or in the future visit www.m6toll.co.uk for further information or telephone 0870 850 6222.

(from left to right including individuals names and job titles/roles

IMAGE: pictured Left to Right – Gary Coleman; Schools & Community Liaison/XLM Tamworth Coordinator, Denise Hawkins; MEL Social Committee Member and Alan Cameron; Administrator of the Coton Green Church