Massive savings for M6toll's 190 millionth customer

The M6toll has rewarded its 190 millionth customer with free travel on the motorway for the next 12 months, saving him well over £2,000 in travel expenses. 

Andrew Downes, of Tamworth, was presented with an M6toll Tag by Midland Expressway Limited’s Director of Motorway Operations, James Hodson, at its ‘Freebie Friday’ event which was held at Roadchef, Norton Canes, on the M6toll on 6 May. 

As the lucky winner, Mr Downes’ car was fitted with an M6toll Tag, providing him with unlimited free travel on the road. The tag is a small electronic device which is fitted to a vehicle’s windscreen and allows users to pre-pay for their journeys on the M6toll and pass through a dedicated lane usually without the need to stop. Tags normally cost a monthly fee of £1 per Tag to lease and provide a five per cent discount per trip. 

Mr Downes said: “It was a real surprise when I was approached by a member of M6toll’s tolling staff at the Weeford Junction plaza and informed that I was their 190 millionth customer. I’ve used the M6toll twice daily/five days-a-week on my commute from my home to my place of work in Bridgnorth. 

“I work for an electrical wholesaler and I have found that the M6toll is the most reliable route through the region. I use it on a daily basis instead of the alternative congested routes as it ensures that I’m always on time. I pay approximately £9.50 per day for the convenience and reassurance of using the toll; which is great value for money, but when I realised I’d be saving in the region of £2,500 I was thrilled. “ 

Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL), operator of the M6toll, intend to reward every subsequent 10 millionth customer with a year’s free passage as part of their future activities. 

James Hodson added: “I’m delighted to hear that Mr Downes has already experienced the benefits of travelling on the M6toll. 

“Over 47,000 customers continue to use the M6toll on a daily basis, many of which choose to pay their toll by way of credit/debit card – as was Mr Downes. By simply opening a Tag account with us, regular customers will save 5 per cent per trip.  I’m sure the additional benefits of the Tag will only enhance Mr Downes’ future journeys and that he continues to use the Tag after his free year, as this alone will save him around £125 per year.” 

M6toll Quick Start Tags are available to use straight away and are pre-loaded with £25 worth of credit for use on the M6toll.  The tags cost £25 and are available from local Motorway Service Areas or online at


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