Guy is 200 millionth M6toll road customer

Coventry man Guy Walker has been announced as the 200 millionth customer of the M6toll and has won an M6toll Tag* which provides him with free travel for a year on the M6toll.

A toll booth attendant surprised Guy at the northbound plaza at junction T4 early on Friday morning as he was on his way to work. “At first I thought ‘Am I in trouble? I normally pay by credit card and go on my way but I was asked to stop and was told ‘you’re our lucky 200 millionth customer’. Then, I was given the news and it was a really nice surprise,” said Guy.

He was then invited to become the guest of honour at a presentation at Roadchef, Norton Canes motorway services.
Interim Director, Guy has a daily commute from his home in Finham, Coventry to his place of work, Pink Home Loans in Lichfield and chooses to use the M6toll in order to avoid the congested M42 and A38 roads.
“Typically I save 10-15 minutes each way every day by using the M6toll and it is a far nicer, less stressful driving experience so for me it works very well” he added.

M6toll’s Director of Motorway Operations, James Hodson said: “Our 200 millionth customer is a huge milestone and we are delighted to be able to reward one of our customers in this way.”

Mr Walker will now also be able to enjoy the added speed and convenience of the tag lanes on the M6toll which enable tag users to pass through barriers which automatically lift when the tag sensor is activated.
“The 200 millionth Freebie Friday Event was a roaring success for our other customers too with a free prize draw including prizes such as free Costa coffee for a year, free Fresh Food Cafe breakfast for a year, goody bags, free travel and Roadchef discount vouchers were also won”, added James.

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* The tag is a small electronic device which is fitted to a driver’s windscreen and allows users to pre-pay for passage on the M6toll and pass through a dedicated lane usually without the need to stop. Tags cost a monthly lease fee of £1 per Tag and provide a 5 per cent discount per trip.