M6toll ‘Suits’ Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Midland Expressway Limited (MEL), operators of the M6toll has donated £10,000 to Midlands Air Ambulance Charity to help pay for the on-going cost of crew flight suits.MEL is already an Air25 25th anniversary corporate supporter of the Midlands Air Ambulance and was informed of the regular need to replace the crew flight suits.

Midlands Air Ambulance Aircrew Supervisor, Ian Jones, based at the charity’s Tatenhill airbase explained:  “Our new flight suits are a vital part of our equipment. Each suit costs over £350 and can only be re-used for about 50 washes due to the depletion of the fire retardant properties as a consequence of cleaning. Each suit is also tailor-made to the individual as it is important that it is both comfortable and practical to enable the crew to do their jobs in a variety of difficult environments.  We carry a lot of essential items in our suits, so even the number and placement of the suit’s pockets saves time. We are very grateful to M6toll for their continued support and wear their logo with pride on our arms.”

James Hodson, Operations Director, Midland Expressway Limited added:  “M6toll has since day one supported Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, donating over £250,000 in total. Roads are our business and we know that most of the work Midlands Air Ambulance has to do concerns road traffic accidents, therefore understand the vital importance of what they do. There are so many costs they have to raise money for and the flight suits are just one example of why it takes £7,000,000 every year to keep the service flying. They receive no state funding therefore every donation matters.”




Left to right; Paramedics David Williams, Rob Davies and Katherine Lynch, Charity Ambassador, Lee Pearson CBE, Pilot, Matt Wood, Operations Director, Midland Expressway Limited, James Hodson and Paramedics, Kelly Bennett, Peter Edwards and Oliver Ayles.