M6 Toll rallies support for Stafford adventurers

Stafford step-brothers Adam and James Rowley have kick started their quest to complete a gruelling 10,000 mile journey to Mongolia by receiving a £1000 sponsorship boost from Midland Expressway Limited.  Under the rules of the endurance challenge they will have to travel unaided, driving a 1.2 litre VW Polo, costing less than £1000.

Adam and James decided to take up the Mongol Rally car challenge in memory of their grandfathers who both died of Alzheimer’s disease and so will be fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Society and the rainforest charity Cool Earth.  Adam’s grandfather, Micheal Creamer was an ex RAF heavy goods driver and James’ grandfather, Godfrey Bailey ran a pharmacy in Hednesford.

Adam explained that they are still fundraising for the event which will take them through 16 countries, two deserts and five mountain ranges this summer but that Midland Expressway Limited were first to respond.

He said: “We were both amazed and delighted that the M6toll became our first financial sponsor with such a generous donation. It means that not only have we paid for the entry to the event but have also been able to set up our rally website and sort one of our VISA applications. We’ve branded ourselves Mongol Rowley for the trip and are now headlong into preparations, getting our VW, who we’ve nicknamed ‘Wilson’, due to being donated by Wilsons Auctions, shipshape for the trip. We still need £2000, mainly for fuel and supplies and we also need some camping equipment and clothing for both desert and mountain conditions, so we’ve set up a website that people can contact us through regarding sponsorship, www.mongolrowley.com, and also a charity fundraising page, www.justgiving.com/MongolRowley for anyone who wants to donate. ”

James Hodson, Director of Motorway Operations for Midland Expressway Limited said:  “When we heard about what the lads were trying to achieve, we thought it was a great road challenge for an important cause and so we decided to give them a helping hand. We will be monitoring every stage of their trip via their website and wish them every success.”

The rally starts on July 17th with more information about Adam and James’ adventure available on www.mongolrowley.com

undefinedAdam and James Rowley pictured with their late Grandfathers and Wilson the car