M6toll announces new weekday prices for cars

Midland Expressway Limited (MEL), operator of the M6toll, has today announced new weekday toll prices for cars, the first change to be implemented since 1 March 2012.

The new prices will only apply to cars (Class 2 Vehicles) using the M6toll during weekdays and reflect a partial catch-up with inflation. Prices have been held constant over the past five years to help customers recover from the economic downturn and manage through several years of significant roadworks and disruption on the M6 during the Managed Motorway implementation.

From 06.00 on 7 August 2017, an additional 40p will be added to daytime mainline and daytime ramp car toll prices only, an increase which is lower than the c.12.8% growth in inflation, as measured by RPI, over the period since the previous price change. Prices for all other Classes of vehicle and all night and weekend prices remain unchanged. This compares favourably to other forms of travel such as rail, where the cost of train travel has increased by around 12.9% over the same period.

Supporting the development of the regional economy remains a priority for MEL and it is working closely with key stakeholders, such as Transport for West Midlands and the West Midlands mayor, on significant transport issues affecting the region. MEL is particularly focused on making more effective use of the M6toll for Commercial, Logistics and Freight traffic, whose usage of the M6toll has been growing by an average of 19% each year since 2012.

Andy Pearson, Chief Executive of MEL said; “We have always approached our pricing structure with very careful consideration to economic sensitivities and the impact on our customers and their businesses. This was part of the reason for holding tolls flat over the past five years.”

“The new prices are effectively a partial catch-up with inflation and are increasing by less than RPI over the same period. We remain committed to investing in our infrastructure to deliver an excellent customer experience and provide a high quality, free-flowing alternative to the congested M6.”

The M6toll carries more than 53,000 vehicles per weekday (Mon-Fri) on average, representing over 60% of all through-traffic in the M6 corridor, with more than 90% of through-traffic using the M6toll in peak periods and times of significant congestion. On average, overall traffic on the M6toll has grown by 7.6% each year since 2012.

The new car (Class 2 Vehicle) toll prices are £5.90 for daytime mainline and £4.40 for daytime ramp. Customers can benefit from a 5% discount if they register for an M6toll TAG account, which is the best way to travel for any regular user of the M6toll.

MEL would like to thank all of its customers for choosing to use the M6toll and for their continued support.