M6toll grant 3000 bikers free passage to charity event - Ride to the Wall

Thousands of bikers from across the country are set to travel to the National Memorial Arboretum on the 7th October 2017 as part of charity event, ‘Ride to the Wall’. Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL), operators of the M6toll, are doing their part for the charity by offering some 3000 plus bikes free passage to the event, worth an estimated £8,400.


Ride to the Wall is a motorcycling event which gives bikers the opportunity to gather at a place of remembrance, to pay their respects to service men and women, and raise funds to recognise sacrifices made, and keeping memories alive. The annual procession of bikers from across the country is now in its tenth year, and to date has raised more than £630,000 for the National Memorial Arboretum.


Ride to the Wall founder, Martin Dickinson explained: “Ride to the Wall is not political or profit making. It exists solely to fundraise for the on-going upkeep of the NMA and its facilities. Our aim is to show respect and remembrance for those who can no longer ride with us and who will never be forgotten thanks to the wall at the NMA. Every year the event grows and every year it makes a difference and is a time for reflection. We are very grateful to M6toll for their continued generosity and support.”


James Hodson, director motorway operations and facilities for M6toll said: “Once again, we are proud to offer free passage to the riders for this important event. We estimate that over 3000 of them will use the M6toll, all of whom will be able to exit the toll road at junctions T4 and T5 free of charge. As a company, we are committed to helping enhance the local community – getting involved in initiatives is just one way we hope to give back to the communities we serve.”


More than 6000 bikes are expected to head to the National Memorial Arboretum to pay their respects to service men and women who have fallen since 1945 and whose names are inscribed on the Armed Forces Memorial Wall.  Three members of M6toll’s staff have also been invited to ride pillion by RTTW as part of the main route from Drayton Manor Park to the arboretum, where they’ll also take part in the commemorative service.


For more information on Ride to the Wall, and this year’s event on the 7th October 2017, visit www.rttw.org


RTTW Founder, Martin Dickinson pictured with the M6toll Mascot Mel at our Weeford Junction T4 plaza