We're Winter Ready

With a 5,000 tonne reserve of rock salt ready to tackle the artic conditions, 24 drivers from Midlands Expressway Limited are on standby and raring to go as weather reports predict an imminent sub-zero spell.

Covering the three lanes and hard shoulder along our 27-mile stretch, five gritters and six vehicles holding snow ploughs will be treating the road with round-the-clock care. Depending on conditions, our drivers are capable of spreading between 8g – 40g of salt per square metre across the whole of the road in an impressive one hour and forty minutes, meaning we’re able to keep roads moving in any weather.

To ensure vehicles are working effectively, our team monitors a bespoke weather forecast three times a day to put the perfect plans in place, making the M6toll as safe as it can be. We also have a consultant forecaster at the end of a phone to offer advice whenever needed.

Our commitment to keeping roads open isn’t just limited to M6toll users– whenever whiteout conditions ensure, we’re ready to lend a helping hand to our partnering agencies. Highways England gritters can access their routes via the M6toll and we’re always ready to share our supply of salt at the Weeford site when needed.

James Hodson, Director of Motorway Operations and Facilities for M6toll, commented: “With ice and snow forecast to hit the Midlands in the coming weeks, we’re fully equipped and prepared to make a swift response. We continue to be as dedicated as ever to helping drivers reach their destination on time, every time, however still urge all road users to be extremely vigilant in these challenging conditions.”