September 2004

Lorry numbers increase as traffic levels consolidate.

The number of lorries using the M6toll has substantially increased since the rate for heavy goods vehicles was discounted to £6 (£5.11 excluding VAT), Midland Expressway Limited (MEL) said today.

Tom Fanning, Managing Director of MEL, said the take up was encouraging and he expected even more hauliers to discover the benefits of using the M6toll during the five-month discount period, which is due to finish on 31 December, 2004.

"Not only have we introduced a substantial discount to the standard rate of £11 for lorries we have made it even simpler for our customers to set up a tag account," said Tom.

Tags are the M6toll's electronic payment system and allow vehicles to pass through a toll station without stopping. Anyone interested in a tag account can visit and fill out an application form on line. Since the trial period began, many hauliers have chosen to open up tag accounts, as it makes managing their accounts a lot easier.

"The average daily traffic figure for September was 52,041, which compares favourably with June's 47,986, the last 'like for like' month," said Tom Fanning.

"During July and August congestion increases across the UK road network with many people going on holidays. Such leisure pursuits have undoubtedly boosted our traffic over the past couple of months."

"Taking into account seasonal variation, we are pleased to report there is still an underlying upward trend in the number of people choosing the M6toll for local and business trips because of the benefits and certainty of reliable and shorter journey times."

"Developer confidence in sites alongside the toll road continues to soar with the announcement that Pritchard Holdings have acquired a further 25 acres to its already extensive development programme," he said. 

Category Feb 04 Mar 04 Apr 04 May 04 Jun 04 Jul 04 Aug 04 Sep 04
Workdays 40,304 41,880 47,247 46,924 50,414 58,340 56,855 53,604
Public Hols
30,648 33,120 39,575 36,436 41,311 47,896 52,225 47,745
All Days 37,308 39,620 44,689 42,862 47,986 55,308 55,362 52,041

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