June 2004

M6toll traffic figures show solid increase for June 2004

Tom Fanning, Managing Director of Midland Expressway Limited said, "The average daily traffic on the M6toll for June 2004 was 47,986, this represents an increase of almost 12% over the previous month. In addition, it is pleasing to note that since January there has been a 56% increase in vehicles using the road each day. 

"The month also saw a peak of 63,045 vehicles on Friday 25 June, not far short of the M6toll's best ever day (Friday 28 May 66,295). 

"The M6toll is now an everyday feature in the lives of tens of thousands of motorists who are choosing to enjoy stress free journeys and shorter journey times around the region," Mr Fanning said. 

Mr Fanning encouraged road users to use the M6toll as a free flowing alternative as road works are carried out on the M6 in the coming months. He said indications were that some traffic has transferred to the M6toll as a result of the preliminary road works, however, the numbers were not significant for June. 

Category Jan 04 Feb 04 Mar 04 Apr 04 May 04 Jun 04
Workdays 32,763 40,304 41,880 47,247 46,924 50,414
Public Hols
26,249 30,648 33,120 39,575 36,436 41,311
All Days 30,662 37,308 39,620 44,689 42,862 47,986