February 2004

Tom Fanning, Managing Director of Midland Expressway Limited commented on the release of February's average daily traffic figures for the M6toll.

"We're pleased to see that February saw a healthy uplift on January's numbers, with the M6toll recording its best average daily numbers to date. More and more people are finding the reliability and time saving of the M6toll an attractive option. However these are early days to be reading too much into the traffic patterns."

Category 14 - 31 December 2003 January 2004 February 2004
All Days 34,490 30,662 37,308

The M6toll was fully opened on 14 December 2003. 

Average daily traffic on the M6toll during February 2004 was 37,308.
Traffic has continued to vary considerably during the period from a low of 22,692 to a high of 50,147.