August 2004

Tom Fanning, Managing Director of Midland Expressway Limited (MEL) said: "August 2004 was another good month for the M6toll. Average daily traffic was 55,362, maintaining the levels seen in July."

"Friday 27 August saw a monthly peak of 69,310 on what is traditionally the busiest bank holiday weekend in the UK calendar." 

MEL also reached the milestone of its 10 millionth customer during August. 

The standard rate for cars of £3.00 was introduced in the mainline toll stations, ending the introductory discount period. The discounted rate of £2.00 for cars still applies at local toll stations, with the exception of Langley Mill where it is £1.50. 

Mr Fanning said: "To date the toll change appears to have had little impact on traffic levels with our customers continuing to enjoy the service, reliability and excellent value that the M6toll offers." 

More haulage fleets are beginning to use the motorway following the announcement (effective from 23 July to 31 December) of a £5.11 (£6 including VAT) toll for heavy goods vehicles. 

"These are still the first weeks of the five-month trial," said Mr Fanning. "However, the early response from hauliers has been positive and we look forward to more fleets discovering the advantages of the M6toll during the trial discount period. Industry called for this extensive trial and we are reminding all fleets that use the traffic corridor of our move." 

Mr Fanning said the M6toll was not only providing the choice of a free flowing alternative to the congested M6, but it is also acting as a catalyst for development. Recent announcements include a major expansion at Fradley business park, near Burton-on-Trent and work starting on the second phase of the Kingswood Lakeside development, near Cannock. 

"Time and again the M6toll is quoted by developers and companies as the deciding factor in their decision to invest in the region. It is clear the motorway is playing a major part in attracting substantial investment which is helping regenerate communities and creating jobs," added Mr Fanning. 

Category Jan 04 Feb 04 Mar 04 Apr 04 May 04 Jun 04 Jul 04 Aug 04
Workdays 32,763 40,304 41,880 47,247 46,924 50,414 58,340 56,855
Public Hols
26,249 30,648 33,120 39,575 36,436 41,311 47,896 52,225
All Days 30,662 37,308 39,620 44,689 42,862 47,986 55,308 55,362

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