October 2004

Midland Expressway Limited (MEL) today advised that average daily traffic on the M6toll for October 2004 was 50,242.

Tom Fanning, Managing Director of MEL said, "M6toll's traffic result for October represents continued strong performance by the road." 

"Significantly over the past month there has been a steady increase in road users choosing to open electronic tag accounts. This offers customers the convenience of a cash free journey and a clear and detailed account of their travel on the M6toll each month."

"In addition, we have seen haulier usage of the road continue to climb as they take advantage of the current discount period."

"The number of journeys made on Britain's roads traditionally dips at this time of year. On the M6toll, however, the weekday traffic is only slightly down on the previous month, showing a preference by daily commuters for the reliable journey offered by the road. As expected, weekend traffic, which is typically leisure based, is being impacted by shorter daylight hours and deteriorating weather patterns across the country."

"M6toll continues to have a positive impact in the region, easing congestion on the M6, providing drivers with the choice of a free flowing motorway with reliable, shorter journey times and acting as a catalyst for regeneration, helping to create thousands of jobs," Mr Fanning said.

Category Mar 04 Apr 04 May 04 Jun 04 Jul 04 Aug 04 Sep 04 Oct 04
Workdays 41,880 47,247 46,924 50,414 58,340 56,855 53,604 52,887
Public Hols
33,120 39,575 36,436 41,311 47,896 52,225 47,745 44,686
All Days 39,620 44,689 42,862 47,986 55,308 55,362 52,041 50,242

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