July - September 2011

Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL) today reported the average daily traffic figures for the quarter July - September 2011

Category Jul-Sept 2010 Jul-Sept 2011 Change on pcp
Workdays 47,592 41,512 (12.8%)
Weekends/Public Hols 35,657 28,857 (19.1%)
All Days 44,089 37,798 (14.3%)

Traffic remained weak during the quarter, with average daily traffic 14.3% below pcp.  As with the first two quarters of the year, the most significant decline was seen in non-workday traffic.  This reflects the greater elasticity of non-business travel to tolls during challenging economic conditions.

Overall, the lower traffic volumes were primarily due to continuing weak economic conditions and the competition from the M6 motorway which has been using Active Traffic Management and hard shoulder running to reduce congestion.  This added impact of the M6 motorway is expected to persist until April next year when road works on competing sections of the M6 resume between junctions 5-8.