October - December 2011

Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL) today reported the average daily traffic figures for the quarter October - December 2011

Category Oct-Dec 2010 Oct-Dec 2011 Change on pcp
Workdays 43,104 38,849 (9.9%)
Weekends/Public Hols 27,666 24,373 (11.9%)
All Days 38,405 34,286 (10.7%)

Average daily traffic during the quarter was 10.7% below pcp.  This represented a slight improvement versus the previous quarter which was 14.3% lower than pcp.  The UK experienced particularly harsh weather at the end of 2010 mitigating the decline against pcp this quarter.

Overall, the lower traffic volumes were primarily due to continuing weak economic conditions in the UK as well as operational improvements on the competing M6 motorway which has implemented Active Traffic Management and Hard Shoulder Running to reduce congestion on several sections.  This added impact of the M6 motorway is expected to persist until April when roadworks on competing sections of the M6 resume between Junctions 5-8.