January-June 2016

Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL) today reported the average daily traffic figures for the half year January-June 2016

Category Jan-Mar 2016 Jan-Mar 2015 change
Workdays 47,813 48,034 -0.5%
Weekends/Public Hols 29,713 28,889 2.8%
All Days 42,045 42,290 -0.6%


Category Apr-Jun 2016 Apr-Jun 2015 change
Workdays 54,040 53,723 0.6%
Weekends/Public Hols 36,126 36,860 -2.0%
All Days 48,528 48,164 0.8%


First a note on last year - 2015 was a very strong year for traffic growth on the M6toll with total traffic increasing by 12.6%.  This was driven by a combination of strong underlying growth and very extensive roadworks on the southbound M6 throughout most of the year, giving much higher flows of southbound through traffic versus northbound when historically they have always been very similar.  This additional southbound traffic accounted for broadly half of the traffic growth in 2015.  With most of these roadworks completed in 2015 and the M6 relatively roadwork-free in 2016 and benefitting from additional capacity through all-lane (SMART) running, we expected to see the majority of this additional southbound through traffic return to the M6, resulting in a small reduction in M6toll traffic for 2016 before returning to overall growth in 2017. 

However, we are delighted to report that traffic in the first 6 months of 2016 is up on the same period in 2015 with a slight increase of 0.8% in the 2nd quarter following a slight decrease of 0.6% in the 1st quarter to give a total average daily traffic for the first 6 months of 2016 of 45,287 vs 45,244 for last year, up by 0.1%.  It is particularly interesting to note that, within this total, commercial vehicle traffic* growth continues to be very strong - up by 4.6% over the same period in 2015 with average daily traffic at 5,093 vs 4,870.  This trend strengthened in quarter 2 of 2016 with commercial traffic up by 8.3% at 5,514 vs 5,091 in quarter 2 of 2015.  Southbound through traffic has indeed dropped back to a similar level to northbound with the underlying overall growth in M6toll traffic remaining very strong and compensating fully for the loss of this additional southbound traffic. 

We remain focused on continuing to provide the highest possible levels of quality, service and journey-time predictability to all our customers and look forward to continuing to support your travel with us.

*Commercial vehicle traffic is M6toll classes 4, 5 and above - vans, coaches and HGV's