Traffic figures 2016

Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL) today reported the average daily traffic figures for October to December 2016

Category Oct-Dec 2016 Oct-Dec 2015 change
Workdays 53,605 52,735 1.6%
Weekends/Public Hols 35,878 36,954 -2.9%
All Days 48,017 47,932 0.2%


We are delighted to report that traffic in quarter 4 of 2016 was slightly up on the same period in 2015 with an overall increase of 0.2% and an average daily traffic across all days and traffic types of 48,017 vs 47,932 in 2015.  Our commercial vehicle traffic* growth continued to be very strong within these numbers and was up by 9.1% over the same period in 2015 with average daily traffic at 5,117 vs 4,606, very much in line with the growth observed in quarter 3 of this year.  There was again a small but measurable shift in traffic mix towards weekday traffic which was up by 1.6% with weekend traffic down by 2.9%.


We remain focused on continuing to provide the highest possible levels of quality, service and journey-time predictability to all our customers and look forward to continuing to support your travel with us.


*commercial vehicle traffic is M6toll classes 4, 5 and above - vans, coaches and HGVs