Get Ready For Winter

The Met Office have released their Get Ready For Winter campaign providing lots of useful tips helping you to prepare for and cope with winter weather.

#WinterReady travel tips:-

Top up anti-freeze screen wash - It is advisable to use screen wash additive as this helps to keep the windscreen free of dirt and winter road grime which can cause visibility issues. There is also the risk of a frozen windscreen so ensure you use a proper anti-freeze screen wash.

Check your vehicle's tyres - Not only is it dangerous to drive in winter conditions with low levels of tread on your vehicle’s tyres, it’s also illegal. Check your tyres regularly to avoid a fine of £2500 and three penalty points per tyre found below the legal depth.

Think about a winter kit for your car - If you get stuck in your car in winter it could be dangerous, so get a winter car kit ready: ice scraper, de-icer, jump leads, shovel, blanket, sunglasses (for winter glare from the low sun), torch. Get all these things ready before the start of winter and then keep them in the car - you never know when you might need them. For longer trips think about food, water and medicines too.

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