The M6toll's origins stretch back to 1980, when the government realised for the first time, the need to ease congestion through the West Midlands conurbation.
The M6 was built to carry just 72,000 vehicles a day, but today has to cope with up to 145,000.


The early suggestion was to widen the current M6 but part of the M6 is built on a viaduct, so this wasn't realistic. After much public consultation, the decision was taken to build a new motorway. This was to follow existing roads: the A5, A38 and A446, all of which would also benefit from reduced congestion.

History 2

In 1991, the Government decided the M6toll would be a privately funded venture. Midland Expressway competed for and were awarded the concession to run the M6toll for 53 years to 2054. The road actually opened 6 weeks early on 9 December 2003.