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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for Corporate Customers

  1. 50% Discount for 3 months ’ applies to selected new corporate TAG accounts only.
  2. Vehicles involved in the trial will be given an M6toll TAG, and the Vehicle Registration Numbers must be registered to the Corporate TAG Account. This can be done easily using the online portal.
  3. The 50% discount will automatically be applied to all vehicle classes, at all times of day and day of week, for all journeys using any entrance/exit route. Please see our website for our standard rates.
  4. The agreed discount period will run for a maximum period of 12 weeks from the day on which the first journey is made. There is no minimum trial period, and the trial can be concluded at any time.
  5. No TAG lease fees will be payable for the duration of the trial, normally charged at £1 per TAG per month.
  6. Regular statements are provided to help you monitor the trips taken and payments made.
  7. All other TAG terms and conditions remain in place
  8. There is no minimum contract period, and you may leave the trial or adjust the vehicles registered to your account at any time, with no cancellation fees or additional charges.
  9. At the end of the trial, all TAGs must be returned to us, and remain the property of Midland Expressway Limited.
  10. M6toll reserves the right to end the discount at any time during the offer period.