Prices displayed are not only for various classifications of vehicles but also for different times of the day. The correct price for your vehicle and the time of day you are travelling will be displayed again at the point of payment.

Please see our pricing chart for a full list of prices before you travel.

If you’re using a satnav and haven’t opted to avoid toll roads, it is likely to send you on our road because it is the quickest route to your destination.

We’re keen to make sure that the only people using the M6toll are doing so through their own choice, which is why all signage on the approach roads is designed, and fully approved by Highways England, to meet the requirements of the Department for Transport’s signage policy. Should you have a complaint with regards to the signage for the M6toll please contact Highways England directly.

You will need to proceed until you reach a toll plaza, where you will still have to pay the toll charge, but you can also ask a member of staff for directions to help you as you exit the motorway.