Very few customers were using the automatic coin baskets. We’re committed to promoting alternative automated payment methods that suit how our customers choose to pay including TAG, card, contactless card and fuel card. This is so that we can continue to offer the quickest and most stress free route in the Midlands.

During weekdays our day rate applies to all journeys made between 7am – 7pm. Off-peak rates also apply during weekdays between 5am-7am and 7pm-11pm.

At the weekend our day rate applies to all journeys made between 5am-11pm.

Our night rate is applicable to all journeys made between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

For further information on our prices please click here. If you are unsure about the price you can expect to pay on the M6toll please call our Customer Services team on 0330 660 0790 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm).

There are three payment options:

  1. M6toll TAG (electronic pre-payment method).
  2. Card (credit and debit cards or fuel cards).
  3. Contactless card accepted, simply tap & go.

We also accept cash in attended lanes at our two mainline plaza’s only.

If you need a receipt, there’s a button for this located in all non-TAG lanes. You will not be able to get a receipt for a TAG journey as an invoice will be available via your online account.

Discounts are applicable to TAG account holders.

Our M6toll savers have been designed to save you time and money. Call our customer service team to find out more on 0330 660 0790 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm).

If you are one of our TAG customers, visit My TAG Login to sign into your account and opt into our promotional communications and be the first to hear about our offers and promotions.

We hope you never need to complain.  However, if you do, you can call our customer services team on 0330 660 0790 (lines are open 08:30 – 17:00 Monday – Friday) or send them an email to

We are bound by legislation that requires us to grant free passage via the M6toll scheme, for those that meet the eligibility criteria. Free passage requires you to apply for an M6toll Mobility Exemption Pass. Unfortunately, a blue badge doesn’t prove eligibility for the mobility scheme.

We have our own M6toll Mobility Exemption Pass. Check your eligibility and apply here.  Please note, the eligibility criteria is different to the blue badge scheme.

To pay your notice online, click here.

You can also pay via mobile text link, or call our customer services team on 0330 660 0790.

You will need to pay this notice within two working days of the date it was issued.  Additional fees apply if we don’t receive payment within two working days.

At present we are unable to accept Android and Apple pay.  This is a service we hope to be able to offer our customers in the future.