Your Questions Answered

What is the 50% deal all about?

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As we emerge from lockdown, we are fully committed to supporting the local economy, it’s businesses and its people. Therefore, to ‘Get the Midlands Moving’, we are giving all customers a 50% discount when they exit the M6toll at one of our local Junction Plazas, situated at T3, T4, T5 and T6.

Who is eligible for 50% discount?

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All customers are eligible, whether they pay as they go, or have a TAG account. All classes of vehicle are also eligible to receive the 50% discount at junction plazas.

When is the 50% discount available, and do I need to do anything?

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Our tolling systems will automatically apply the discount at the exit plazas, so customers themselves don’t need to do anything. The special price will run from first thing on Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 00.01hours, until last thing on 31st August 2020 at 23.59hrs. The 50% discount will be applied across all time of the day and every day of the week.

Click here to view our current prices.

How can I check I have received the 50% discount?

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TAG account customers can check their account using the online portal which can be found at If you do not hold a TAG account, please check the statement of the payment card that you used at the toll plaza. Please note that some card issuers may take up to 3 working days to process a transaction. Our standard rates are displayed on our website.

I am already on a corporate rate; will I get an additional 50% discount?

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No, the total discount is capped at a maximum of 50% applicable at Junction Plazas only.

I currently hold a Hopper or a Shuttle product; will I still receive 50% discount?

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Hopper and Shuttle customers are charged a weekly fee, which means the same but, with the 50% discount in place, customers will get more trips before hitting their weekly cap. Hopper and Shuttle customers will also still receive 5% discount off mainline journeys, so they are still by far the best TAG accounts available!

I currently hold Return Pass product; will I still receive 50% discount?

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You will still receive a 20% discount on your return journey total, meaning that a daytime return journey will cost £7.28 instead of the usual £9.20 with your Returns pass TAG.

Why does your 50% discount only apply to journeys exiting at certain junctions, and not the mainline plazas at Great Wyrley and Weeford Park?

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The 50% discount campaign is designed to support our local and regional communities, giving the biggest benefit to Midlands businesses, commuters, workers and leisure seekers. However, we do have some great deals for regular customers

  • ‘Return Pass’ is great value for local car drivers making same day returns involving mainline plazas, normally giving 20% off the price of a return, and for the duration of this promotion the saving will be just that little bit more given the lower prices at junction plaza exits.
  • For fleet operators and regular business users interested in setting up a new account, we offer 50% off all trips for an introductory period of up to 3mths.