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14 journeys for £19.50 per week for the first 3 months.

Hopper Terms and Conditions

An introductory offer for new customers only, the £19.50 a week for the first 3 months. At the end of the introductory period Hopper will revert to standard pricing of £39 per week. Hopper covers eligible journeys made on the M6toll starting or ending at T4, T5 or T6. Class 2 vehicles only.

A maximum of 14 eligible car journeys (class 2 vehicles only) per week either entering or exiting at junctions T4, T5 or T6.

Hopper TAGs: Customers must use their Hopper TAG. Please visit to keep your account details up to date. Failure to fix and display the TAG on the windscreen correctly may result in incorrect charges and delays when entering or exiting the road. If you do not have your TAG in your vehicle we cannot “add” a journey to your eligible Hopper journeys.

Hopper TAG accounts are only active when a valid payment card is registered to that account. No TAG lease fee is payable (usually £1 per month). A payment of £19.50 per week will entitle the driver to a maximum of 14 journeys entering or exiting local junctions T4, T5, or T6.

No minimum contract can be cancelled at any time. All other TAG terms and conditions apply.

Hopper TAG accounts will be deducted from the full normal value of the trips and then adjusted (prior to billing) to apply the £19.50 Hopper charge across all eligible journeys.

Whilst this may cause a Hopper TAG account to briefly appear in deficit, the Hopper charge will be applied prior to billing so that no more than £19.50 each week will ever be taken from the account holder. The £19.50 weekly charge will not be applied if no eligible journeys have been made.

Any trips outside of the Hopper eligible journeys will be charged at the usual TAG 5% discounted rate.

At the end of the 3-month introductory period your payments will revert back to £39 per week for 14 eligible journeys.

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