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Highway heroes help drive the regional recovery

Delivering food on time

Tamworth-based Lloyds Transport & Warehousing is situated in the heart of the UK’s Golden Triangle for logistics. It operates across the UK with a 70-vehicle fleet that includes 50 articulated lorries.

Timely goods delivery is a business essential for the Lloyds team. One of its key sectors is food and drink, where retailers operate strict delivery time-windows. Delays of as little as half-an-hour can have a significant business impact.

A fast and reliable route through the Midlands

Lloyds opened a TAG account with M6toll in 2017. With long-term roadworks on both the M6 and M5, and timely deliveries being so important, the company knew it needed a reliable route through this busy stretch of the Midlands.

With M6toll use established, the commercial team at M6toll developed a bespoke package for the Lloyds fleet. Its drivers now use M6toll’s TAG on all routes, maximising driver hours and ensuring good reach their destinations on time.

During lockdown, the Lloyds’ fleet has continued to use the M6toll, with drivers capitalising further on the efficiencies the road offers on their regular routes.

Drivers are lockdown heroes

Tim Jordan, Business Development Executive at Lloyds Transport, said: “Throughout the lockdown the business has been largely unaffected. It’s a very fortunate position to be in and has come as a result of the sectors we service – and our incredible staff.

“Having food and drink as a core sector, and meeting a surge in demand for IT products at the start of lockdown, have enabled us to sustain output levels. It’s our drivers though who have been the real heroes of the hour.

“When lockdown was announced, everyone was thrust into an unfamiliar world. Our drivers immediately stepped up to the challenge with the attitude of ‘…let’s just crack on and get it done.’

“They’ve kept that mindset throughout. No one has taken time off, and some have even postponed holidays to keep things going.

Reaching destinations on time

“Timely deliveries are absolutely critical for us. It’s not just that we’re keeping our promises to our customers, it’s important for our business too. Some vehicles are double-manned, so delays can lead to drivers waiting for a vehicle.

“Reliability is just as important and our drivers love the M6toll. They know that it will get them where they need to be, on time.”

“As regular users of the M6toll, we can say first-hand how vital it can be in delivering business efficiencies. We fully support the Get The Midlands Moving Again campaign and look forward to playing our part in driving the regional business recovery.”