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Local car and van drivers living in Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall and Cannock can now save time and money. It’s a simple ‘all-in-one’ way to take 6 anytime, anywhere journeys across the entire M6toll for less than £5 each*.

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* Terms and conditions apply, prices differ between C2 and C4 vehicles.

Local Saver Terms and Conditions

Local Saver is for local drivers living in the postcodes adjacent to the M6toll. Each payment of £29.00 for Class 2 and £49.00 for Class 4 gives you 6 anytime local journeys, so you can hop on and off the M6toll whenever you like.

Once your account is set up, you will be able to travel at any time, safe in the knowledge that your online account will manage all payments for you. You can use up your 6 trip bundle as quickly or as slowly as you like, and we will automatically top-up your account with another bundle of 6 at £29.00 for Class 2 and £49.00 for Class 4 when you use your last one.

One vehicle per account, Class 2 and 4 vehicles only.

To be eligible, your home address must be located within the designated ‘local driver’ postcode area and linked to the payment card registered to your account. Your vehicle registration number (VRN) must be held on your account and kept up to date.

For domestic use it's Class 2 only but for Class 4 it's both business and domestic use, subject to fair usage, ideal for short to medium leisure and commuting trips which either start or end at one of the intermediary junctions on the M6toll. We have other offers available for commercial fleets and business customers, so please get in touch if you’re not sure whether this is right for you.

If you switch to another product account, any unused credit will be transferred.

We reserve the right to withdraw this product from sale or change the product terms and conditions at any time, and will always give you 30 days advance notice of any changes.

Please see our website for all other applicable Terms and Conditions relating to our online accounts, and for details of our Data Privacy policies.

A valid payment card must be registered to your account. On payment of £29.00 for Class 2 and £49.00 for Class 4 we will pre-load your account with 6 local trips. Repeat purchase will be automatically processed after your 6th journey has been taken.

If your payment card fails for any reason, we will notify you via email. The account will be suspended should your card provider continue to decline payment.

Any trips using the full length of the M6toll would be in addition to your bundle entitlement and charged at 5% off the standard rate.

Our Automatic Number Plate recognition systems will ‘see’ and record your number plate when you use the M6toll. Each trip will be linked to your online account and deducted from your 6 trip pre-paid bundle.

You must ONLY use the ANPR plaza lanes (please refer to the driver guidance sheet) as the other plaza lanes will not read your VRN to connect your trips to your online account.

If you do mistakenly use a non-ANPR lane, you will need to pay by card in order to proceed with your journey. We regret that all such trips cannot be retrospectively deducted from your 6 trip bundle, and you would be charged at the full rate applicable at the time of travel.

Please visit your online account regularly to see the record of all your trips, payments and statements, and to keep your personal data, vehicle registration and card details up to date.

Please read the ANPR driver guidance sheet to ensure you know how to drive through the plazas safely.

If the barrier fails to lift, please stay in your vehicle and use the ‘call for assistance’ button located directly below the card payment point.

Your safety, and that of our staff, is of paramount importance to us. The M6toll is a live motorway, so under no circumstances should you reverse or leave your vehicle. If the barrier fails to lift or you breakdown whilst in the lane, our CCTV team will spot you and arrange for assistance to come to you. Please stay in your vehicle at all times.

Local Saver FAQ's

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