Tips for a comfortable drive

One in three drivers have confessed to feeling stressed behind the wheel. It seems the halcyon days of enjoying a drive in the country have long gone. But why should getting from A to B involve having a breakdown? Why should road rage be all the rage? That's what we feel at the M6toll. We believe our road represents an easier, stress free driving experience. Less congestion makes for a safer drive. High quality and well maintained roads makes for a more reliable journey. And with the outside environment designed to be as eco friendly as possible, you'll be seeing green not red. 

Of course long journeys can often take their toll on both the driver and the passengers. The pages in this section offer some great tips to ensure your journey is not only safer but more enjoyable also.

Staying alert 

Whenever you are on a long journey staying alert and comfortable is often a challenge. Taking regular stops is really important and at the M6toll we have probably the most pleasurable motorway service station in the country at Norton Canes. However, inbetween stops there are a few excercises you can safely do in the car to keep yourself alert. 

Road Relaxation

The excercises above involve gently rolling your shoulders, firstly forwards for 10 rotations and then backwards for 10 rotations. Once complete you should gently roll your head from side to side 10 times. You can repeat this as often as you feel necessary. 

It goes without saying that you must never take your hands off of the wheel when doing these excercises. You should also never undertake the movements so vigourously that it either impares your vision or causes sudden vehicle movement. 

If you have any tips for a relaxing ride behind the wheel, we'd love to hear from you. Please send them to or post to our twitter page.