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All parents know how difficult it is to keep children occupied on long car journeys - and many of us have memories of tedious efforts at I Spy or other traditional car games. You will find ideas for many games for car journeys here - from the traditional to the new!

"I went on holiday" (Age 7+)

SunshineThe first player thinks of a city, country or continent beginning with the letter "a" and then says, for example: "I went on holiday in Albania" The next player repeats the sentence and adds somewhere beginning with "b", for example: "I went on holiday in Albania and Bolivia". The next player adds somewhere beginning with "c": "I went on holiday in Albania, Bolivia and Church Crookham". Play continues until someone can't remember the list or makes a mistake. Depending on their age, you can either prompt them or disqualify them! Keep going until all players but one are disqualified, or until you reach the end of the alphabet.


"The Alphabet Game" (Age 5+)

ABCThe Alphabet Game is a game for two or more players

Each player attempts to find the letters of the alphabet, in order, on road signs or nearby buildings. When a player spots the letter, they must call out the letter and the word that starts with it, such as "B in Bingo!" Only one player can use a letter found on a sign, but other players may use other letters on that same sign. (A variation to this is: once a letter has been found on a sign, no player may use that sign for any other letters.) Letters on movable vehicles (e.g. trucks or license plates) cannot be used. If the driver is playing, signs cannot be used once they have been passed for safety reasons.The first player to find all the letters of the alphabet is the winner.

If you have some really good games to play with children on a long drive we'd love to hear from you. Please send them to  or post to our twitter page.