When i have a big day and need to be relaxed it has to be the M6toll

I am always getting up late and the M6toll is a get out of jail route

I want to say a huge thank you for the help and reassurance given by two of your staff following our horsebox blow-out on the M6toll.
They were both amazing and stayed until the tyre was changed. Obviously I understand that this is part of their job but their friendliness, helpfulness and reassurance was “above-and-beyond” and gratefully received. It’s surprising how vulnerable one feels on the hard shoulder and their Incident Vehicle parked behind our horsebox increased the safety for our horses. We had gone over the barrier but they came over and explained the plan as well as gave us the reassurance we needed.

My wife and I are occasional users of the M6toll and we would like to feedback our thoughts. We have found driving on this road a pleasurable experience – not something one can generally say about a motorway! We love the fact that it is almost entirely litter-free, the road surface is smooth and sound to drive on, and the signage clear. It is also never congested.  Please congratulate your staff on the ground whose hard work is probably seldom praised.

Hopper is so helpful as I can afford to use it more often and it reduces my commute by 45 minutes

It’s reduced my travel time by 25 minutes both ways and it’s much more cost effective