Ways to Pay Overview

BoothsPaying for your journey on the M6toll is easy

For each journey on the M6toll, you'll have to proceed through a toll plaza, where payment can be made.  On approach look out for the pictograms indicating payment options.

Further to Total UK selling its marketing assets to Rontec, it is bringing to an end the activities of TotalCard in the UK. As a consequence, the M6toll is regrettably unable to accept TotalCard for payment of toll transactions beyond 30 June 2012.   

Mobile Phone Payments      undefined

At present the M6toll contactless card readers are unable to accept Apple Pay or Android Pay. We are constantly monitoring the evolution of technology in this area with a view to upgrading to accept Android Pay and Apple Pay at some point in the future as the technology with mobile phone payment becomes more standardised and robust.

There are five options as to how to pay

  • We accept Credit / Debit Cards
    VISA, Mastercard and American Express are accepted (unattended lane - VAT receipts available).
    Working in conjunction with Barclaycard, contactless credit / debit card payments are now accepted in card lanes on the M6toll. 

    We accept Fuel Cards
    Keyfuels, Euroshell, Allstar & DKV are accepted as payment of toll charges (unattended lane - receipts available)
    We are working with other fuel card providers to increase the number of acceptable schemes.
  • By Tag
    Electronic pre-payment (dedicated Tag lanes - no need to stop)
    Save money each journey you make with a Tag.  Benefit from additional offers with the Quick Start Tag
  • With Coins
    £2, £1, 50p, 20p and 10p pieces are accepted (unattended lanes - no change given - receipts available)
  • Pay by Cash
    Euro notes accepted (attended lanes - change given - receipts available)