Contactless Payment

Introducing contactless payment on the M6toll.

Paying for your journey by debit or credit card is now easier and faster thanks to contactless technology on the M6toll.

All Card Lanes are now contactless payment enabled for VISA and MasterCard

With contactless, you don't have to fumble for change.  Just hold your card over the reader, wait for confirmation and you're done.

Contactless allows us to serve you that little bit more efficiently, making your day that little bit easier, allowing you to enjoy your stress free journey on the M6toll just that little bit more.

Can I pay by contactless?

Over nineteen million debit and credit cards in the UK now have contactless functionality.  To check if yours is one of them, look for the contactless symbol on your card (VISA PayWave or MasterCard PayPass)

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Make easier and faster payments with contactless

To use your contactless card, you must use the Card Lane displaying the overhead pictogram as illustrated below

Card Lane

 To use your contactless card to pay the toll please place your card in front of the contactless reader as show below.

Contacless Panel


Payment will take less than 1 second and the barrier will open. Receipts are available as normal by pressing the 'receipt' button. Only cards showing the contactless card symbol can be used for contactless payments. You still have the option of placing your card in the normal magnetic card stripe card reader should you experience problems with your contactless card, or if you do not have a contactless enabled card.

Offline Spending Limit

As a security measure, to prevent your card from misuse if stolen, all contactless enabled cards have an in-built offline spending limit. This limit may be a counter restricting the number of times it can be used, or a maximum spending amount. Once this limit is reached the contactless functionality will not work and you will need to perform a normal transaction. If this is the case, you will get a'Card Error' - 'use card reader' message in the display above the card reader.

Some cards have an 'Authorised Offline Spending Limit' set within the card. If your card is one of these types the remaining offline spend amount will be displayed in the display above the reader and also shown on your receipt.

Contactless Card Reader

If the 'Card Error' - 'use card reader' is displayed, please insert your card in the normal card reader.

To reset the contactless payment functionality of your card you must complete an ATM or retail chip and PIN transaction.

Why not try contactless payment on your next visit?

For more information or to apply online please go to or visit any Barclays branch to open a current account.

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Mobile Phone Payment


At present the M6toll contactless card readers are unable to accept Apple Pay or Android Pay.
We are constantly monitoring the evolution of technology in this area with a view to upgrading to accept Android Pay and Apple Pay at some point in the future as the technology with mobile phone payment becomes more standardised and robust.