Get a Tag - Save Money!


Tags are the M6toll's electronic pre-payment system. They're the easiest, most efficient way to pay, allowing you to pass through a dedicated tag lane, usually without the need to stop, and you save money on every trip.

For a monthly lease fee of just £1 per Tag, you benefit from a 5% discount per trip.  For regular users the saving soon mounts up.

A Tag is a small self contained electronic device which fixes to your windscreen.

Benefits of a Tag

Save time: cruise through the dedicated Tag lanes

Save money: benefit from a 5% discount

Manage your account online*: stay on top of your journey details and credit

TopUp with ease: perform ongoing top ups using a registered card

Make it hassle free: no need to have the correct change or keep your receipts

*if you require a postal statement an additional administration charge of £2 per month will be charge to your account


How does a tag work?

  • Fix the Tag correctly to your windscreen
  • Enter dedicated Tag lane
  • Tag is read and provided your account is in credit:-
    • Your Tag will bleep once*
    • The barrier will rise
    • Green light will appear
  • Drive through without the need to stop
  • The system records your journeys and debits your account automatically

Which Lane to Use?

On approach to the toll plaza look out for the Tag pictogram on the overhead canopy mainline toll plazas (10 lanes) located at Great Wyrley and Weeford Park.

Cars may now benefit from using the new dedicated green Tag Lanes to the Far Right of the plaza


Commercial vehicles keep Far Left and use the Wide Load Lane as signposted


Small toll plazas (3 or 4 lanes) at junction exits T3, T4, T5 or T6

All vehicles may use either the Far Right or Far Left dedicated Tag lanes

Ramp Lanes

For further information on using your Tag and where to position your Tag, please read our information sheets.

Using your Tag and where to Position your Tag information for Cars

Using your Tag and where to Position your Tag for Commercial vehicles

Apply for your Tag account online or over the phone on 0330 660 0790