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Fleet Customers

When your business depends on getting the most out of your fleet operations, traffic issues can be more than just an inconvenience.

The reliable journey times we provide means you can plan with confidence, helping to reduce your operating costs.

For more details about corporate accounts, please contact us by completing our contact form.

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Perfectly located

The M6toll is a free-flowing route in and around Birmingham that you can depend on, whether you’re driving long distance or heading in to the heart of the midlands around Cannock, Burntwood, Walsall, Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield.

We’re also the quickest route to some of the region’s most popular destinations, such as the NEC, Birmingham Airport, the Belfry, Drayton Manor, the Snowdome and Resorts World.

Using the M6toll


The smart choice for businesses since 2003.
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Leisure & Commuting

Going on holiday or just want to get to work on time and home a lot earlier? Enjoy the drive with the M6toll.

Commercial Customers

Reduce your operating costs with a bespoke solution tailored to your fleet.


Norton Canes

Motorway Service Area

Norton Canes is an award-winning service station operated by Roadchef