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We care for our customers, our colleagues and our communities.

Through our comprehensive management approach, we are committed to continually improving safety conditions for our customers and colleagues. We also make an effort to promote – together with regulatory bodies – a culture of safety among our suppliers and communities.

Our comprehensive Safety Management System helps us maximise our impact in 6 key areas:

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Infrastructure and equipment quality


The culture of our business and the behaviour of our colleagues


How we care for our customers and vulnerable colleagues


The clarity and impact of our signage


Response times for the emergency services


The speed and conditions under which customers can use our infrastructure

Shared objectives

We work with the government, experts, communities, and civil society organisations (CSOs) to raise the bar and determine how best to serve our users and neighbours more safely.

Over the next 5 years, Aleatica will invest 114.6 million Euros globally in projects to improve the safety of our colleagues, customers and neighbouring communities.

Commitment to reducing accidents in the “Decade of Action for Roadway Safety”

At a global level, Aleatica’s Accident Reduction Programme is a 94 million Euro project that has established a road safety strategy for the next five years, addressing accident rates by focusing on 3 core drivers of accidents:



We make journeys as safe as possible by adopting the highest safety standards for our infrastructure.



We highlight the importance of improved driving habits, through accident prevention and mitigation actions.



Our vehicle inspection campaigns promote a culture of vehicle inspection and maintenance.