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We respect the areas where we operate, and look for ways to deliver social and environmental improvements

We want to contribute to social and environmental wellbeing. To do this, we will look to develop socioeconomic programmes and projects to address the needs of the local area and its communities. We work with various interest groups to identify priorities so that we can maximise the impact of our actions whilst adopting best practice principles to improve our sustainability approach. We’ll produce a Strategic Sustainability Plan, based on the implementation of projects and an assessment of their impact.

Our principles:


Add value to all of Aleatica’s interest groups, including customers, communities, shareholders, colleagues and third parties, through internal and external social and environmental investment.

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An integrated culture of social and environmental sustainability, based on UK and international standards.

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Compliance with social and environmental regulations and other legal requirements.


Respect, protection and promotion of human rights among the company’s interest groups.

We share objectives with governments and organisations where we operate.

Aleatica has committed to the United Nations Global Compact initiative since 2018. Our business and operations strategies are aligned to its 10 Principles. We also contribute directly to some of the 169 goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda. The goal of this is to generate an international movement of sustainable companies in alliance with governments and civil society to achieve sustainable development of our planet.