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M6toll adds steel to Perry Transport business

As a specialist haulier servicing the steel industry, Perry Transport know how important it is to maintain the flow of products to their customers. If they don’t deliver the steel on time, there is a strong possibility the infrastructure or building project that steel is intended for won’t meet their deadlines either.

Steve Perry said: “Our customers are predominantly involved in the construction industry and given the time intensive nature of that sector, it’s crucial we deliver products when we say we will. If we are late, it has a knock-on effect which disrupts whichever project our customer is involved with.

“The sector is very demanding and since we have come out of lockdown that demand has only intensified with an increased number of building projects taking place. As a result, we are under a lot of pressure as a business to help meet those demands and that’s where the M6toll plays such a vital role for us.

“It saves us a fortune in time and money that could otherwise be lost due to disruption and congestion out on the roads.

“We cannot afford to risk being stuck on the M6 or any other route, as that’s lost time and money on the job. If the lorry is not delivering the products on time, then we don’t get paid.

“The M6toll provides a reliable and time efficient route and is often the difference between earning money and losing money. That’s just how important it is to us.”

Another key benefit of the M6toll road for Steve Perry Transport is convenience, and the assurance of quick, reliable access to major delivery routes across the UK.

Steve said: “Our biggest customer, Steel Processing Ltd, is based in Burntwood, so it’s a quick hop over to them to load up the steel and then straight back out onto the M6toll. It’s so convenient as we are only half a mile away from the M6toll road, and it’s a huge benefit to be located so close to such a reliable route.

“We deliver all across the country, and Milton Keynes for example is a key destination for us, and we really have to be sure we can reach sites like that on time.

Our full fleet of vehicles are all registered to use the M6toll, and they are on it every day. Even during the pandemic and lockdown we continued to use the M6toll as it’s such a time and cost-efficient route, and we saw no reason not to use it.”

As well as the operational efficiency benefits the M6toll has to offer to Perry Transport as a business, there are other positives for the company’s drivers in particular.

Steve adds: “Our drivers love the M6toll. They see no disadvantages to using it, because it’s a stress-free drive. They don’t have to crawl through traffic, which frees up more opportunity to rest when they need to and ensures they make their deliveries on time.

“As a business, it plays a huge role in driver retention. The way the current market is with driver shortages you can’t hire new drivers for love nor money, so it’s important to keep the drivers you have got happy. The opportunity to use the M6toll and miss out the congestion on other routes is a big positive for the drivers and an important part of our overall driver offer. It benefits other teams too, who don’t have to deal with the knock-on effects of late deliveries or disappointed customers.”

With Perry Transport approaching its 40-year anniversary, the plan is to keep moving forward and the M6toll will continue to form an integral part of that business journey.

Steve said: “We are due to reach 40 years as business next year and we have seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years. The biggest challenge these days is that everybody wants their deliveries the very next day. It puts a lot of pressure on us and that’s where the M6toll comes in to help us provide the great level of service our customers demand.

“I would recommend the M6toll to any business. If I had to list the three key benefits to us, it would be the time saving, the money saved in reduced fuel costs and vehicle maintenance and the sheer reliability of it. We will always use the M6toll going forward, as it’s so vital to how we operate as a business.”

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