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M6toll proves driving force for car transporter business

Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd, based in Wix, Essex, operate a large fleet of specially designed car transporters offering vehicle movement services covering the UK and Europe.

They use the very latest in leading edge technology and specialist equipment, including a range of transporters with the largest vehicle having capacity for up to 12 cars, to deliver a premium quality service to the automotive industry.

Andy Hammond, Carlson Vehicle Transfer Ltd’s Transport Operations Manager, discusses how the M6toll is a driving force in helping their business keep the wheels turning for the UK’s automotive industry.

Carlson Vehicle Transport Ltd is a leading supplier of vehicle and associated services, storage and preparation to the automotive industry. The service operates throughout the UK and Europe and involves vehicle transport collection and delivery of premium quality cars and van stock, as part of manufacturer and dealer transfers and relocation.

As a company to which time critical efficiencies are vital to the success of its operations, the hassle free, seamless, end-to-end experience provided by the M6toll plays a significant role in helping Carlson achieve the operational gains so vital to its business.

Andy said: “We started using the M6toll in 2017 and our volumes have increased ever since. We have found that our journeys are so much more efficient due to the time saving the M6toll provides, and it helps to ensure that the vehicles we deliver are always on time and in pristine condition.

“We have found that our journeys are so much more efficient due to the time saving the M6toll provides”

“The time saving, and reliability offered by the M6toll is critical to us. Our business operation is essentially based on making sure that vehicles are where they need to be for our customers and that we are able to consistently fulfil this service obligation. The M6toll enables us to achieve this and is one of the key reasons why we use it as much as we do.”

With Carlson running a UK wide operation, the ability to avoid congested through routes such as the M6 and A5 is vital to their national operations. The M6toll helps give Carlson the assurance that they will not be delayed going through the Midlands region and are able to service all their UK customer destinations.

Andy Hammond said: “The M6toll cuts out the congestion hot spots on routes such as the M6, A5 or A38, and allows our transporters to travel seamlessly through within the Midlands region. It’s why the drivers enjoy using the M6toll road as they can fulfil their delivery commitments and then get back home on time. It means more downtime for them, is good for driver welfare and retention and also means we have more driver hours for use across the business.

“With the smooth and uncongested journey provided by the M6toll, our drivers are not having to corner as much or be on and off the brakes, which is a real plus point for them. It’s also a positive for us as a business as less braking and cornering means reduced maintenance costs and helps save on fuel, a significant benefit given the current situation with fuel prices.

“The M6toll is of huge benefit to us as a business. We currently have 180 vehicles registered on our account, and we are keen to add more for our fleet. For a business like ours, there is no need for discussions about the cost effectiveness of the M6toll, as we can see the value it delivers, in terms of time efficiency and reliability, across the business.”